Batemans Brewery names photo contest winner

David Hilder's winning photo.
David Hilder's winning photo.

A photo competition held by Batemans Brewery to find “fantastic interpretations” of what it means to be a drinker of its limited edition Vintage Ale has found a winner.

Hundreds of entries were submitted from around the globe, before David Hilder from Stockport won with the photograph (above).

He won for the creativity and imagination his photograph offered. His win was closely followed by runners-up David Craggs and Jonathon Ward

The photo competition is just the latest chapter in the fascinating story behind the Vintage Ale.

A couple of years ago Stuart Bateman, the Managing Director of the brewery, found ten cases of a barley wine that his father, George, had had brewed in 1970 and had hidden under the fermenting vessel to be opened on April 5, 1980, for Stuart’s 21st, but had forgotten about.

When Stuart opened a bottle over thirty years later it was described as “absolutely delicious, bursting with flavours of plum, port, malt, brandy vanilla and almonds”.

It was then decided to replicate the beer and brewed a limited release 2012 Vintage.

Included in the Vintage Ale box was the photographic competition.

Customers were asked to send in their photographs including the Vintage Ale bottle. The photographs were judged by Stuart and his daughter Eliza.

“It goes without saying that we were over the moon with the response to the competition and would like to thank everyone who took part, it was a very difficult decision,” said Stuart.

“The 2013 brew is maturing nicely and is due to be bottled in the coming weeks.”