Award-winning ale spices up supermarket shelves

Batemans Black Pepper Ale  is now on sale in Morrisons supermarkets nationwide
Batemans Black Pepper Ale is now on sale in Morrisons supermarkets nationwide

The award-winning Black Pepper Ale from Batemans, the family brewer based in Wainfleet, has achieved a national listing with Morrisons supermarkets.

The speciality beer is now available in 129 Morrisons stores across the country, including two sites in Lincolnshire with 4,800 units initially ordered for sale nationwide.

Black Pepper Ale is now available to buy at the Morrisons in Stamford and in Skegness. The brewer made increasing the availability of its beers at supermarkets, in Lincolnshire and nationwide, a key focus for 2014, with plans to develop this further throughout 2015. Black Pepper Ale joins a number of other Batemans beers which are also available at Morrisons; including Dark Lord, Victory Ale, and Orange Barley, Hazelnut Brownie and Mocha Amaretto from the Bohemian Brews range.

It is expected that further large orders for Black Pepper Ale, which won gold at last year’s World Beer Awards, will be placed after initial sales are evaluated.

The Black Pepper Ale was created by the brewery after one of its team members suggested incorporating black pepper into a beer. It has already proved incredibly popular with customers and the trade since its launch, both because of its spicy and fruity flavour, and the sense of theatre created when serving the beer. It comes with a small sachet of ground black peppercorns attached to the neck of the bottle within an instruction sleeve, which are firstly swirled into the beer and then sprinkled on top.

Batemans managing director Stuart Bateman said: “To get a national listing with one of the ‘big four’ supermarkets in the UK is a real achievement, and demonstrates the appeal to the customer of more unusual flavoured beers which are a talking point in their own right.

“Being a Lincolnshire brewery we are very proud that Black Pepper Ale is available in two of the key Morrisons stores in the county. Our other beers have proved very popular at these sites so it’s great to be able to expand the variety available to our local customers.”