Auctions return to Spilsby market

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AUCTIONS have returned again to Spilsby in a move which advocates hope could rejuvenate the town’s struggling market, writes Andrew Hirst.

On Monday, auctioneer Robert Leivers held the first of several sales scheduled to run every market day until December 19 at the earliest.

Despite being publicised only by word of mouth, approximately 60 people turned out to his site by the Sir John Franklin statue to buy and sell bric-a-brac items.

Mr Leivers said: “It was very encouraging, both in terms of the amount of items that came in from different local vendors and the number of people that turned up to bid.

“I understand that Spilsby has a long history of having an a market and an auction and it is a shame when these traditions die off, so if there is a way to revive it in a financially rewarding fashion I think that can only be a good thing for the local community.”

Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton was equally pleased with the public response and its beneficial affect on the rest of the market, which was reportedly more bustling than of late.

He said: “This is excellent news and a good example of local town and district councils working together to enhance the popularity of the Spilsby Market.

“In the previous 12 months, Spilsby Town Council has had six very meaningful discussions with representatives from ELDC regarding the future of Spilsby Market and the return of the auction is what I believe to be the first stage of its regeneration.

“The additional footfall to the auction can only have a positive knock-on effect for the rest of the town and the town council will continue to work closely with ELDC to ensure the market goes from strength to strength.”

To encourage Mr Leivers to hold his auctions, ELDC were able to offer him a favourable rate on the site he occupies and he has now paid his rental charges up until Christmas.

Market traders had told Coun Lenton that they had no problem with discounted rates being offered, providing he did not sell similar items to their own.

A spokesperson for ELDC said: “We are delighted that the auction has come back to Spilsby because we know it’s an an important part of the market scene in the town.

“We hope that it will provide added business for the market traders and shop keepers and an overall boost to the local economy,”

- If you have an item you wish to have auctioned contact Mr Leivers on 01526 354854.