Artisan Emporium helps talent shine

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A NEW business in Spilsby helping talented local artists and photographers sell their creations has been hailed as a ‘fantastic’ addition to the town.

The family-run Artisan Emporium is hoped to provide a hub for arts and crafts, selling bespoke furniture, edible icing flowers and hand-made signs, alongside paintings, sculptures and photos submitted by the town’s creative community.

Owners Steven and Michele Sharp set up the business with Michele’s son Martin Rowley, to get out of the ‘rat race’ and pursue their own creative aspirations while helping other artists to flourish.

Steven said: “The idea of the Artisan Emporium is to help talented local artists sell their wares, whether that be a picture, photographs, some pottery or anything else, so long as it’s their original work, we will help them sell it.

“Unemployment is rising but there are lots of people out there with a talent, which though it might not set them up for the rest of their lives could help them out in the short term.

“There’s lots of hidden talent out there and we are always looking for the next Rembrant.”

Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton recently attended the emporium’s official opening and has welcomed its innovative approach.

He said: “I think it’s fantastic for Spilsby - we’ve got a lot of talented people here who don’t have the finances to advertise their goods that they create and this is an opportunity to display their works.”

Steve has already been impressed by the diverse range of works he has received from paintings of Stone Henge through to unusual photography and he is currently setting up a website to promote the items for sale at an affordable cost to the artist.