Army recruitment drive arrives in Skeg

An army recruitment drive will take place in Skegness today (Wednesday) as part of a national drive to bring 10,000 new soldiers to the service over the coming year.

The ‘Step Up ‘ campaign will provide potential recruits at Skegness’s Jobcentre Plus with information about the range of jobs available within the army.

Serving soldiers will also be on hand to offer a unique perspective on what life in the Army is all about.

Director of recruitment and training for the army, Brigadier Andrew Jackson, said: “We are always looking for talented young people to take up the challenge of a career in the army.

“No matter what your skills or background, the army has something to offer you and an army job provides opportunities to learn much more beyond military skills.

“It will develop you and show you the strengths you didn’t know you had.”

The nationwide campaign is also aimed at dispelling the misconception that the army is not hiring, as statistics reveal that only half of all people surveyed realised that the army is looking for new recruits.

The survey also revealed that 14 per cent of East Midlands residents would consider an army career if they knew it was recruiting.

“These statistics show that one in five people would consider joining the army, so we need to encourage those individuals to come forward and find out more about joining us,” added Brigadier Jackson