Anger at £35k art project

The £35,000 spent on a coastal sculpture to amplify the sound of the wind and sea, has been scathingly attacked as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

An incredulous Skegness resident said it ‘beggars belief’ that Lincolnshire County Council would fund the Wind Tower artwork, which will be built at Chapel Six Marshes.

Speaking in the public session of Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting, the woman said: “I think that the £35,000 could be better spent on the unemployed youth of Skegness or some kind of all weather entertainment for families, tourists and holidaymakers. I think £35,000 on something that’s for people to stand on the beach and hear the wind and sea doesn’t make sense to me - and if they’ve got that kind of money to throw away, can they send it to Skegness?”

Neither of the two county councillors at the meeting were aware of the project and the Mayor of Skegness agreed that it was ‘incredible’ to be spending that ‘when there are cuts to frontline services.’

LCC’s infrastructure development manager Peter Fender has since defended the project as a means to supporting tourism.

He said: “Tourism is a key industry on the coast, and all this work is about making the most of the area’s cultural, historical and natural assets, in a bid to attract more visitors.”