Abattoir kicks up a stink with residents

The exterior of the abattoir in Skegness.
The exterior of the abattoir in Skegness.

NOXIOUS odours emanating from a recently reopened abattoir in Skegness have been kicking up a stink with nearby businesses and residents.

Complaints about Bowmans Abattoir on Heath Road have been made to East Lindey District Council regarding animal noises and occasional unpleasant smells coming from the site.

Coun John Byford recently visited the area to see what the fuss was about.

“The smell was very noticeable and I can see why businesses in the vicinity are complaining,” he explained.

“I am not a vegetarian but it can’t be nice to be working for seven or eight hours a day with the sickly smell of guts and intestines.”

The site had been left dormant since 2008 when the previous owners shut it down and 20 jobs were lost.

Its grand reopening in April this year, officiated by a royal visit from HRH Princess Anne, was therefore greatly welcomed for the boost that it brought to the town’s economy and jobs market. And despite the current complaints surrounding the slaughterhouse Coun Byford has remained supportive of the business.

“They employ people just like other businesses and we must always welcome that but when there are issues we’ve got to try and resolve them, so I hope that the firm can work with East Lindsey District Council to do that,” he said.

ELDC environmental health officers have been investigating the problems in response to three complaints it has received in the past month.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We have been to the site and are aware that it is not particularly pleasant at certain times. Along with the abattoir, we are looking at ways to identify the root cause and look at how we can mitigate against it.”

Bowmans has also expressed its ongoing commitment to adhering to regulations and standards and also to helping regenerate and support local communities.

Lucinda Seagrave of the firm said: “We take the running of our facility very seriously and we have invested heavily in new technology to improve the facility from both input and output perspectives, including the installation of effluent screens thus to reduce the odour.

“We will continue to do what we have done as a family for the last 40 years, which is to develop local jobs for local people, support the local community by utilising local services and businesses where possible and continue to rebuild and reshape the tired and dilapidated buildings and sites in and around the Skegness area for the future generations to come, of which we feel proud.”