Burst water main floods Burgh le Marsh street and knocks out water for hundreds in Skegness area

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HUNDREDS of homes in the Skegness and Burgh le Marsh area are without water this afternoon after a mains pipe burst.

The pipe ruptured in East End in Burgh le Marsh at around 1.30pm - flooding local businesses and residential properties and sending two feet of standing water cascading down the street at one point.

The Bridge End Chippe and Red Lion pub were both flooded out.

Speakign to the Standard at the scene, Angela Deacon, who owns the Bridge End Chippie said: “We were working in the chip shop at the time and there were a lady and gentleman outside having their lunch.

“They suddenly started waving and the next thing a torrent of water started comign down.

“We phoned 999 straight away.

“We locked the door to the entrance immediately to to try to keep the water out but it went underneath into the air vents and we still don’t know what damage has been done.”

Despite the efforts of local fire appliances, and falling water levels, the torrent of water finally began to enter the chip shop while the Standard was on the scene.

A frustrated Angela hit out at the water board for the speed of their response. She added: “Three hours they’ve been trying to stop that water and they’ve still not managed it. It’s not good enough.”

Meanwhile Max Waxman, the owner of the Red Lion, added: “I was in Skengess and when I came back round the corner into Burgh I instantly thought ‘What’s all this?’.

“It flooded all of the kitchen, the store room and cellar, but we managed to get a pump going and pumped it out.

“It wasn’t as bad as one of the local homeowners.

“We all pulled together and saved as many houses as we could.” He added that it was still too early to assess the damage.

Elsewhere, local homeowner Richard Bows had a very lucky escape.

At the height of the flood the water had submerged his garden and was up to the wall of his bungalow, but frantic pumping by the fire brigade stopped it from entering his house.

“The flooding started just after 1pm. It has been a lot higher than it is now.

“It was thigh-high in places but not now, which is a bit of a relief.”

The road in East End remains cordoned off between the main road and the Causeway junction (as of 4.30pm on Thursday).

Two fire applicances are also still at the scene.

Meanwhile,huge part of the local area are without water following the burst main.

The Standard’s Facebook page has been inundated with comments from local residents who’ve been caught out by the sudden loss of supplies.

Within one hour more than 45 posts were made, giving some indication of the scale of the disruption.

An Anglia Water spokesperson has confirmed the loss of water supplies, but added that they hped to have much of Skegness reconnected by around 6pm this evening.

It is unclear when full supplies will be restored to all locations. However, fire appliances were still battling the flooding in Burgh le Marsh.