Burgh school’s safety message hits the radio

PCSO Pete Cobley with he banner which provided the inspiration for the new radio advert.
PCSO Pete Cobley with he banner which provided the inspiration for the new radio advert.
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A WAINFLEET police officer’s push for improved road safety outside schools is set to take to the radiowaves - after he teamed up with Burgh le Marsh school pupils to get the message across.

PCSO Pete Cobley recently launched a campaign aimed at motorists who park illegally or inconsiderately outside schools and risk the lives of local school children.

In the past such campaigns have included poster competitions and large, colourful banners outside school gates.

But PCSO Cobley’s campaign is set to go a step further by taking the message from one such school banner and turning into an impactive radio advertisement featuring the voices of the children it is aimed at protecting.

This message has now been made into a radio advert using the voices of real schoolchildren from Burgh le Marsh primary after they won a competition.

PCSO Cobley explained, “This is an issue of real concern to a lot of schools and so a number of our primary schools across Lincolnshire were willing to dip into their funds and pay £50 towards the making of the advert.

“Each participating school was provided with the script of the ad and a demo tape and were invited to submit their own audio file featuring their children.”

Burgh’s youngsters were the winners and they were given a special guided tour of the Lincs FM studios yesterday (Wednesday) as a reward. PCSO Cobley ended by saying, “Despite the intensive efforts of local Beat Teams, the message about safe parking outside schools continues to be ignored by the small minority.

“This approach is a new and fresh idea and the campaign will target precisely where it is needed - to those sitting in their vehicles listening to the radio while they wait for the schools to turn out.

“The voices in this radio campaign will be speaking directly to them and making them think about their parking.”