Burgh community help disabled teen raise vital wheelchair funds

Kind-hearted fundraisers who have been helping disabled teen Marc Perry get a new wheelchair.
Kind-hearted fundraisers who have been helping disabled teen Marc Perry get a new wheelchair.
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THE mother of a disabled teenager has been ‘knocked for six’ by the overwhelming community support offered to help her son retain his independence.

Jody Mumford made a heartfelt plea for donations to provide her 14-year-old son Marc Perry with the new £15,000 wheelchair he desperately needs.

Just a few weeks after setting up a facebook appeal Jody has already received more than £4,500 and has been inundated with fund raising offers - many from complete strangers.

“The community response has really taken me aback - we are so used to having to fight for everything Marc gets so to have all of these offers of support has really knocked us for six.”

Marc suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting disorder which severely restricts his mobility to an ever worsening degree as he grows older.

Without his specially designed wheelchair, Marc would be unable to carry out simple daily tasks which most teens take for granted such as getting out of bed, attending school or going to the toilet.

“It’s an absolute necessity for him, his life is tough enough as it is but without it, he would be stuck in bed all day,” Jody explained.

He has outgrown his current wheelchair, which was provided by the charity Whizz Kids, and has been told there is no funding available through the charity or the NHS to buy a replacement of equal quality.

As Marc continues to grow, his cramped wheelchair has become increasingly uncomfortable and has begun to pose health and safety risks which may preclude him from attending school with his friends.

Unable to afford the staggering £15,000 wheelchair costs alone, Jody has sought the help from her fellow Burgh-le-Marsh residents and has been overwhelmed by the extent of the response.

Variety shows and quiz nights have already been organised in support of Marc’s cause and a group of kind hearted endurance athletes are donating their sponsorship for completing an upcoming ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge - a gruelling 12 mile obstacle course designed by the armed forces.

If you would like to donate or have some fund raising ideas of your own contact Jody on 01754 810818.