Browns’ Diamond joy

Trevor and Margaret Brown for their 60th wedding anniversary with their daughters Ann and Sheila. Photo by John Crossland.
Trevor and Margaret Brown for their 60th wedding anniversary with their daughters Ann and Sheila. Photo by John Crossland.

IT was a diamond day for one Skegness couple who celebrated sixty years of marriage last Thursday.

Trevor and Margaret Brown of Mayfield Avenue, say its not been without ‘its ups and downs’ but a close family and ‘give and take’ has helped keep the pair’s bond strong.

The two met through Margaret’s sister one night in their teens and after two years dating, the couple married in 1952 at Nottingham Registry Office.

In the early years, Trevor worked as a coal miner at Bestwood Colliery in Nottingham and Margaret in the braiding industry, among other jobs.

Four years later they were blessed with twin daughters, Lorna and Sheila, a which point the family felt they’d outgrown their home with Maragaret’s grandmother and the four moved to the new Clifton estate in Nottingham, which was rapidly being built during the 50s.

Later the family grew twice more, as daughter Ann was born then son Robert, and all enjoyed growing up in Clifton.

Trevor moved from the colliery industry to the milk trade with Northern Dairies but moved back to the coal mining industry in Cotgrave due to better pay before the site closed when the industry ended.

Margaret enjoyed life with the children, making many creative things, including all the children’s clothes and, years later, a wedding dress for her daughter, while Trevor enjoyed playing amateur football in Nottingham and is a keen sports fan and supporter of Nottingham Forest.

The Browns then moved to Tollerton as Trevor had always craved a bit of a country-style of living. After a couple of years, the couple then moved to Wainfleet, where they remained for 18 years before moving to Skegness.

Now the couple are blessed with 11 grandchildren and say they love having such a wonderful family.

Margaret and Trevor celebrated their big day with family visitors and even a card from Buckingham Palace.

The family were then set to travel over to their daughter Ann’s on Friday and a party was set at residential centre for Sunday with old friends, family and more being invited.

On the secret of a happy lasting marriage, the couple said: “You have to take life as it comes and there’s no point in walking out on the first argument, times were hard and you get over that. The children came first but then after time, we had more time for one another once again.”