BREAKING NEWS: Skegness ‘bomb’ scare is false alarm

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POLICE have confirmed that an emergency response at the Embassy Theatre today was “a false alarm with good intent”.

Officers had rushed to the site shortly before 5pm after an emergency call was made.

A Standard reporter, who just happened to be passing the scene at the time, described how an officer had rushed up to them shouting for them to get back as a ‘device’ had been found.

But within minutes of the emergency callout police had issued an all clear after it emerged the ‘device’ was nothing more than a child’s toy grenade.

A police spokesperson said that the toy had been found by a member of staff from the Embassy complex who mistook it for something potentially much more dangerous.

The ‘scare’ comes just hours before police in the town get set to welcome the Olympic Torch relay on its journey round the UK, when security will be at a heightened level.