BREAKING NEWS: ‘Risk to life’ as severe flood warning issued between Gibraltar Point and Freiston Shore

Gibraltar Point.
Gibraltar Point.
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The Environment Agency this afternoon (Thursday) issued several severe coastal flood warnings around the Wash, including the stretch between Gibraltar Point and Freiston Shore.

High tide levels along the Witham Haven are expected to be “the highest ever recorded” on that stretch when an imminent storm surge arrives, the agency said.

And it has warned of a “significant risk” that the Haven defences and surrounding area will be breached by the surge.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, said: “We are expecting a tidal surge late on Thursday, through Friday and into Saturday morning.

“This will lead to the highest tide levels ever recorded along the Witham Haven.

“We expect this to result in significant seepage some overtopping and a significant risk of breach of the Haven defences which could result in property flooding and risk to life near the defences and in the wider areas.

“People are warned to stay away from the Haven and to follow instructions from the emergency services or local authority.

“The Environment Agency is monitoring the situation closely, working alongside partners including the Met Office and local authorities. Environment Agency officers are on the ground confirming the flood defences are in good working order, monitoring sea levels and wind directions.

“The time and date of the first forecast high water is 7.32pm tonight (Thursday)”.

Elsewhere, flood warnings are also still in place for the entire Lincolnshire coastline north of Gibraltar Point. High water from Anderby Creek south begins at 6.45pm. High tide in Skegness is expected around 7.30pm.