Bouncy castle lands on Skegness woman’s car

The bouncy castle in the air. Photo: Stephen Willmer
The bouncy castle in the air. Photo: Stephen Willmer

Horrified Bryony Lill has relived the terrifying moment a freak wind sent a bouncy castle flying into the air before crashing down on her car.

Mrs Lill, of Skegness, said she was getting ready to leave the Friskney Show last Sunday and was struggling with her umbrella next to her car when she looked back to the showground.

“To my horror, there was the bouncy castle rising into the air,” she said. “I was terrified and tried to get in my car, as soon as I got in there was this horrific crash onto my roof.”

She said that luckily the bouncy castle had got stuck in a tree temporarily before coming down on her car.

She added that the incident had left her ‘traumatised’.

She praised officials and those attending the show who had got the castle off her car, in particular a woman she said was called Sue Farandan who held her hand and got her a drink to calm and support her.

Mrs Lill described seeing and hearing parents and children ‘running around and panicking’ as the weather, which has since been reported to have been a ‘funnel cloud’, caused chaos across the show.

The bouncy castle was empty at the time, and no-one was hurt.

Vanessa Butler, who owns the inflatable, told BBC Look North the slide had been cleared due to the rain, and said the castle had been ‘securely fastened’. She told them: “We had two bouncy castles there, the other was still there, absolutely fine.”

When contacted by The Standard, the paper was told there was nothing more to add at this time.

Following the incident a number of people took to social media to share their experiences, with many praising the response of the show’s organisers.

Huskys Ices posted on Facebook: “Was at Friskney Show today with both vans and would like to thank the organisers and marshalls for the way they handled today.

“Our mini van was only two stalls away from the bouncy castle, as the wind came and took it away. Thankfully noo-ne was on it at the time.

“Horrible to witness but top marks for how the organisers handled it and were quick to get help in there.”

County Linx Radio also posted: “The CLUB bus lost its awning and the studio window was smashed when a speaker blew into the window.

“All praise must be paid to the organisers of the show who responded straight away to assist visitors.”

Michele Severn-smith tweeted: “my 2 [children] and a couple others were on there moments before, literally they all just got off.”

One of the show’s organisers Trish Hunter said: “I’d like to thank the stall holders for sticking with us otherwise the show could have come to a very brief end.

“Somebody mentioned British spirit – just carry on – and that’s what happened. We tried the very best we could under difficult circumstances.”