Boston and Skegness MP backs Prime Minister’s EU pledge

Matt Warman.
Matt Warman.

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has backed the Prime Minister’s promise to deliver a country ‘that is stronger, fairer and with a truly global outlook’ following the triggering of Article 50 yesterday (Wednesday)

In the House of Commons yesterday Mr Warman acknowledged to PM Theresa May that three quarters of the voters in his constituency voted to leave and asked her to agree that it marked a ‘watershed moment’

He said: “Does the Prime Minister agree that triggering article 50 marks a watershed moment, not only in this country’s control of immigration and our sovereignty, but in listening to the views of people who were forgotten for far too long?”

The PM agreed with Mr Warman saying: “We are not just putting into practice the views of the British people as set out in that referendum on 23 June last year.

“Crucially, that was not just a vote about leaving the EU; it was a vote about changing this country for the future.

“This Government have a clear plan for Britain that will change this country, and that will see us with a more global outlook, a stronger economy, a fairer society and a more united nation.”

Following the debate Mr Warman issued a statement in which he promised to give regular updates to the residents of Boston and Skegness.

He said: ““The Government has a plan to get the right deal for Britain abroad and a better deal for ordinary working people in Lincolnshire, which I am acutely aware was the strong demand from Boston and Skegness residents through the referendum result.

“As the Government begins negotiations with Europe, it will provide as much certainty and clarity as possible at every stage, and as your MP, I will provide regular updates to residents.

“Our Plan for Britain will deliver a country that is stronger, fairer and with a truly global outlook, and I look forward to backing the Prime Minister in her negotiations to that end.”

He also pointed people to the Government’s new website which sets out its 12 negotiating objectives.