Bogus callers targeting elderly in Skegness area

Police news
Police news

Bogus callers are continuing to target people in the Skegness area, with the latest victim an elderly person from Winthorpe.

PCSO Dave Bunker said someone who said he was from Waterloo Housing visited a woman in the Lady Madilda’s Drive area claiming to be there to do work on the chimney.

He said: “The woman paid him £40 to do the work and he said he was going to his van to get a receipt but never returned.

“Since then the woman has called to say there is money missing from her purse.”

Two other incidents in Skegness were similar in that they also involved people claiming they were there to do work of some kind.

PCSO Bunker said: “We want people to trust their instincts and get over the message that if they are not sure, don’t open the door.

“A bonafide workman won’t mind waiting while you check with their company.”

Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to call police on 101. PCSO Bunker said: “We’d rather take the calls than not.”

Advice on staying safe is available on the police website here