BNP set for protest at Skegness abattoir

BNP visit back in January
BNP visit back in January
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A political party has announced it will be visiting Skegness to hold a protest and day of action against a Halal abattoir.

The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch of the BNP will be at the Heath Road site on Saturday, March 16 from noon to voice its views and drum up support for the party.

Speaking about the protest, Robert Ashton, branch & group organiser, said: “We visited the abattoir back in January and we will be going on the Saturday [March 16] to hold a static protest.

“We will gather, say a few things and the BNP advertising truck will be going around the town.”

The party say, the protest will form the second phase of its structured campaign and its ‘Truth Truck’ will be present on the day to portray the party’s opposition to the ritual practice of Halal slaughter.

“We’ve had positive feedback from our visit before and the protest is not designed to cause trouble, we are there for people to ask questions,” added Robert.

As reported, the opening of the slaughter house, has roused mixed opinions in the town and a number of political parties, including Nick Griffin MEP, BNP leader, have spoken out against it.

However, management of Premier Halal Ltd, for the site, said the political visits had helped increase trade with suppliers across the world at the abattoir.

Speaking in January, Mr Patel part management, said: “I want to thank Nick Griffin, the abattoir has been advertised on lots of meat websites and this has improved business. We have had meat orders from Poland and Germany.”

The static protest and day of action will take place from noon opposite the abattoir on March 16.

“Members of the public are welcome to attend on the day, we will be handing out leaflets and the truck will be going around,” said Robert.