Benson the cat creates mischief with the meerkats at Natureland, Skegness

A mischievous ginger cat got the chance to create havoc in the meerkat enclosure at a Skegness animal sanctuary yesterday.

Benson, the main character in Louth based author Susan Dodd’s latest book, visited Natureland Seal Sanctuary on Thursday for his very own photo shoot.

Susan Dodds and Benson visit Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness.

Susan Dodds and Benson visit Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness.

Susan who just recently released her children’s book ‘Dreaming the dreams that only cats can dream’ brought along Benson, the soft toy as the newest story features places in Skegness.

“In the latest book, Benson visits the seaside and creates mischief with the meerkats at Natureland; I thought it would be great to create some fun in real life,” said Susan Dodd.

“I used to come to seaside as a child, we would come for day trips and it was special,” added Susan.

The author who has three books in the Benson series which involves the friendship between the cat, Mr Elvic and a wishing machine, is thrilled with the newest book which has received a lot of early praise.

“The new book has been well received as lots of have been interested as it features Skegness,” added Susan.

Susan who recently held a reading and storytelling workshop in The Hildreds Shopping Centre in Skegness, has been kept busy with other visits across the area and also Grimsby.

“We held a creativity workshop for 18, 19-year-olds using language and the beauty of imagination,” said Richard, Susan’s husband.

Susan now feels inspired to create an illustrated book for younger children and is hoping the latest photos of Benson with all the animals and creatures at Natureland will provide for excellent imagination and creativity.

“I am really grateful for all at Natureland; the animals could not have performed any better for us, they were marvellous,” added Susan.

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