BBC current affairs show filmed in town

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An edition of the BBC current affairs programme Panorama has been filmed in Skegness for a report on the General Election.

The BBC1 show, which will be broadcast on Monday, features interviews with voters at Churchill’s Wine and Sports Bar on Algitha Road.

The bar played host to reporter Richard Bacon and statistician Nate Silver, who shot to fame by correctly predicting the outcome of the last two American presidential elections, state by state.

The programme features reports from key election battle grounds across the country ahead of the election on May 7.

The producer approached the bar’s owners Heidi and Paul Farrell about 
filming there.

Heidi said: “I think our pub was chosen because of the historical importance of the name and it’s political connections.”

She added: “They filmed at the pub for about four hours in total. It was very exciting, interesting and fascinating to watch in action.”

Another statistician, Chris Hanretty, from the UK-based company Election Forecast, joined in a debate with Nate Silver hosted by Richard 

Heidi’s daughter Sabrina was filmed welcoming the broadcasting team to the pub and discussed her views of the election.

Filming also took place on the seafront and pier at a bingo session and the Working Men’s Club and Institute on Briar Way

The edition of Panorama, Who Will Win the Election? is on Monday at 8.30pm.