Baby Dax arrives home after New York adventure

A premature baby born 11 weeks early in New York has finally arrived at his family home in Burgh le Marsh.

Little Dax Johnston was getting used to his new surroundings this week with mum Katie Amos and Lee Johnston.

Katie and Lee had been spending a short festive break in New York when Dax was born weighing just 3lb on December 28.

The family flew back from the United States on a private medical jet last month, six weeks after Dax’s surprise arrival in the Big Apple.

Dax was cared for in the neonatal unit at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, before Katie and Lee were able to finally bring him home last week.

Now a 6lb7oz bouncing baby, Dax is happily settling into life with his mum and dad.

Lee said: “It is amazing to be back home with Dax. We feel relieved to have all the stress and worry off us and getting back into normal family life.

“He has been putting on weight since leaving hospital and sleeping really well. We were given time with him at the hospital in Boston which helped us prepare for being hands-on parents.

He added: “As long as Daxwas alright that was all that mattered, we could work round everything else thanks to the help we received from people all around the world.”

Katie and Lee are holding a welcome home party with friends and family on Dax’s due date of March 10. The couple, who are both personal trainers, plan to fundraise for the Ronald MacDonald House Charity which provided a home for them when Dax was in hospital in New York.