Atlantic puffin at Natureland

Rescued puffin
Rescued puffin

A BEAUTIFUL rare visitor was taken to recuperate at an animal sanctuary after being found washed up along the shore in Skegness.

The north Atlantic puffin is currently staying at Natureland after being found in trouble and hundreds of miles from its bird colony.

Around this time of year, puffins can be found around the Scottish coast and in March, they migrate towards Norfolk and the Wash. It is hoped the young bird will regain strength and be able to join its kind in the coming weeks once it has regained strength.

“It was underweight and exhausted, we are giving it time to recover and feeding it up on the smallest sprats we can find,” said a spokesperson.

Natureland staff could release the bird from the Skegness beach and hopefully it will make its way down to Norfolk to catch up with its kind in time.

Another puffin was rescued before, around 10 years ago, but it died and Natureland says it is rare find to see one in this area.

The puffin currently joins Eve the Icelandic seal for this year’s current rare rescues.

It is hoped the puffin may be released when it is fit in a few weeks time and at present ongoing fund rasing efforts are taking place to help Eve visit ‘Eve flymehome’ on Facebook