Armistice girl has unique birthday

Penny Mason (centre) with mum Debbie Williamson and Gerald Lindo.
Penny Mason (centre) with mum Debbie Williamson and Gerald Lindo.
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IT WAS the biggest surprise for a mother, when she realised her new baby girl had been born into the world on such a prestigious day.

But even more unexpected, was the fact that Penney Lucy Anna Mári Mason was born at the eleventh second of the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month at Lincoln County Hospital in 2003.

Debbie Williams, Penney’s mother, said: “I knew she was going to be born on November 11 but when the nurse rushed to me while I was still at the hospital and said ‘did I realise the time she had been born?’ I was shocked to learn what it was.

Penney, who celebrated her eighth birthday on Friday, said she was ‘really excited’ when BBC Radio Lincolnshire also telephoned her to wish her a happy birthday after they realised how significant it was.

Both Penney and her mother Debbie, live in Horncastle but spend lots of time with the grandparents in Skegness.

Debbie added: “We have a special surprise later for Penney and she’ll be having a big party too.

“Of course her eleventh will be an even bigger birthday in fact, we think she takes after her great-grandmother who is nearly 100-years-old.

“Her birthday is on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of 1912.”

The family also visited Louth on Sunday for a special Remembrance Day organ concert, which was held at the town hall, where Penney was given a special birthday mention.

As an official junior young carer, Penney also takes part in lots of fundraising activities for the Poppy Appeal and is delighted that she shares such an important birthday with the landmark day.