Appeal to help fundraise for little Harrison

Harrison Thompson and parents.
Harrison Thompson and parents.

A family are trying to raise money to help their little boy, who has a rare medical condition and may not live past his second birthday, be able to play with his older brother.

Sixteen-month-old Harrison Thompson has spinal muscular atrophy type I which affects the neuromuscular system, meaning he is unable to walk, grip objects and struggles to hold his head up unaided.

When Harrison sees his two-and-a-half-year-old brother Lennon running around and playing with his toys, he desperately wants to join in - so the boys’ parents Jodie and Lee are trying to get together £18,200 to buy and install a specially adapted wheelchair swing and roundabout for Harrison.

This includes the decking needed for the equipment in their back garden at their home in Wainfleet All Saints.

Harrison’s mum Jodie, 30, said: “Cognitively Harrison is not affected so he sees his brother racing around playing and wants to run around and join in.

“He can move his feet only very slightly but has fairly good movement of his hands and arms. He can hold a spoon but has no strength, so if there is too much yoghurt on it, for example, he is unable to hold it. He is a lively little boy and loves to talk. He likes to draw, although it’s usually over his face, as he struggles to hold the pen. He has special foam building blocks which are light enough for him to be able to build little towers.

“He was diagnosed at 13 months old. We noticed he wasn’t developing as expected as a baby. He never rolled over or sat up by himself. He was sent to Boston Pilgrim Hosptial for blood tests where the paediatrician said he was very floppy. I think he knew what he was looking for because the tests came back showing he had the condition. The NHS guidelines say that children with type I do not live past two years old but we are hoping he lives a lot longer than that.”

The family is trying to raise enough money for the play equipment for this summer so Harrison can play outdoors with his brother.

You can help via ‘Harrisons Page’ (Facebook) or via