Anger over fine for ‘damp’ issue

Gaynor Bangs, with damp in the kitchen. Photo by John Crossland.
Gaynor Bangs, with damp in the kitchen. Photo by John Crossland.

AN Ingoldmells woman believes the ‘damp’ in her flat is so bad that it is affecting her health.

Gaynor Bangs of Stacey Close, Ingoldmells, claims the walls in one of her bedrooms and kitchen are ‘damp to touch’, covered in mould which has even spread to her carpets and curtains.

“I’m sick of it, it’s all damp, black and wet, I’ve been told It’s my fault because of condensation but it’s more than that, now I’ve been fined for calling someone out from New Linx to look at the problem,” said Gaynor.

The ground floor flat is managed by New Linx Housing Association and Gaynor says she was charged £32.40 including VAT for calling someone out for an unnecessary reason.

“Someone came to look at the damp and they say it’s due to condensation and drying clothes and things indoors, I can’t dry my clothes on a communal washing line because there’s been problems in the past,” added Gaynor.

Now Gaynor, who receives housing benefit for her flat, will have to pay the fine for the call-out.

Jack Whyman for New Linx, said: “I am unable to discuss with you individual cases without written permission. However I can advise that in these circumstances we install humidity and temperature sensors to log the levels of moisture in the home.

“It is not unusual to find that moisture from daily activities such as showering, cooking and drying clothes create condensation which if not ventilated adequately will lead to black mould formation. We do investigate for any structural defects which may contribute, such as poor heating or cold spots due to inadequate insulation and these are rectified.

The tenants are advised on adequate heating and ventilation as well as how to remove the mould. Our policy on unnecessary call-outs is to charge £27 plus VAT.”

Gaynor says that the ‘damp’ is affecting her health as she has recently been to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital and claims that something needs to be done about it soon.