Anderby Creek, Chapel St Leonards relatively ‘unscathed’ after tidal surge but light damage to kiosk at Joe’s Beach Bar in Ingoldmells

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General News.
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Communities in Anderby Creek, Chapel St Leonards and Ingoldmells were also bracing themselves for the worst last night but fortunately all were relatively unaffected.

In Anderby Creek early reports suggest the water came close to the ‘Cloud Bar’ but no nearer according to a resident and Chapel St Leonards was not hit too badly either by the tidal surge which struck last night.

“We [Chapel] were okay and the sea defences held and worked well,” said Michael Green clerk at Chapel St Leonards Parish Council.

Members of Chapel Parish Council were said to be out and about last night checking that all in the community were coping well.

And although Chapel Point was said to be the worst hit; the sea didn’t make it past the second sea defence.

“It didn’t make it past and as far as I’m aware the surrounding villages were okay,” he added.

“I must pay tribute to the Environment Agency and the parish council in making sure the community were okay,” he explained.

And in Ingoldmells, Simon Adderley of Joe’s Beach Bar reported that only a kiosk had received ‘light damage’ during the surge and the bar remained unaffected.

“The bar is fine and there are no problems; there was only light damage to a concession but it came as close as it needed to be,” he said.

Also 20 people were evacuated as a precaution in Ingoldmells and held refuge at the village hall.

“Those near the seafront were evacuated and taken to the village hall but they went home by 11pm,” said Mike Allen parish clerk for Ingoldmells Parish Council.

“Ingoldmells was very fortunate and other places were not quite as lucky sadly,” he added.

The Tesco branch in Ingoldmells were said to have provided provisions for the village hall and the parish council is very grateful for its support.