Ambulance service in bonfire night warning

The East Midlands Ambulance Service has urged people to stay safe this Bonfire Night.

Last year the service received nine calls on November 5. In total eight related to injuries caused by fireworks and one concerned an individual falling into a bonfire.

Dave Wright, an EMAS paramedic, said: “Thankfully the number of calls we receive relating to fireworks and bonfires is small but we’d like it to be zero.

“Attending an organised Bonfire Night is the safest option for anyone who wants to enjoy a firework display.

“If you are using fireworks yourself always read the instructions carefully and stay sober. Fireworks and alcohol do not mix.”

Basic First Aid will help someone suffering from burns. Dave added: “If someone’s clothing has set alight remember ‘stop, drop and roll’ – which means get that person onto the floor and roll them to extinguish the flames.

“Minor burns covering a small area of skin should initially be treated with clean cold water and further advice sought but in serious and life-threatening situations call 999.”