Ambulance consultation ends amid calls for further work

A controversial ambulance service consultation which ended this week, ‘needs more work’ a paramedics’ union has claimed.

East Midlands Ambulance Service’s ‘Being the Best’ consultation, which intended to resolve failing response time targets, drew to a close on Monday, with a final decision on its outcomes expected by January 28.

GMB Union, however, has called for an extension to reconsider proposals to replace the region’s 66 ambulance stations with 13 ‘hubs,’ which it fears are flawed unworkable and dangerous.

GMB organiser Colin Todd said: “GMB is not against changes, however, a lot more work needs to be done on these proposals before they are implemented.

“GMB feels there is too much too soon and the brakes should be applied.

“We feel that before anything is implemented, a further round of public and staff consultation is needed with much more detail being available so we can make informed suggestions.”

The union has already issued a vote of no confidence in EMAS’s chief executive Phil Milligan, who it fears will ‘wreck the whole service.’

The EMAS Trust Board will hold an extraordinary meeting to review the report on Thursday, January 10, which will detail the feedback received during the consultation.

An EMAS spokesperson said: “Proposals were designed to provide patients with the best service possible, by improving response times and ensuring the correct level of skilled clinician attends their call and to make the ambulance service more efficient and effective, both now and in the future.

“We have made a commitment to consider all feedback and that is happening - a report will be produced to detail the feedback received.”