Alford kids’ taste of jail at event

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A GROUP of young people from Alford experienced life behind bars during a visit to HMP Lincoln recently.

The eye-opening trip was organised by PCSO Dee Phillips and Police Community Volunteer Billy Spence with the kind help of Amanda Bailey, the Governor’s PA.

On arrival at the prison, the group was subjected to the strict security process and surrendered their phones, chewing gum and other prohibited items under the watchful eye and sensitive nose of one of the prison security dogs.

The youngsters also met three ‘lifers’ who explained how the paths of their lives ultimately led to going to prison for murder.

“I think the biggest surprise for the group was how young those prisoners were. One was 25 and the other two were only 22 and all were facing many years behind bars as a consequence of the bad company they kept when very young and the self-destructive path they found themselves on. I would like to say a big thank you to Amanda and all the staff at HMP Lincoln for the visit,” said PCSO Phillips.