Alford eggs for sale this Easter at Lincolnshire Co-op

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Linconshire Co-op are inviting their customers to pick a local egg this Easter.

Shoppers will have more choices for their omelettes with an extra range of large local eggs now available in all Lincolnshire Co-op food stores just in time for Easter.

Boxes of six large Lincolnshire Free Range Eggs, produced by family firm L J Fairburn based in Alford, have joined the Society’s Love Local range which includes locally made products from cheese to beer.

Mr Leslie James Fairburn began the business in 1951 with just £150 and 150 chickens.

Since then, ownership has passed through three generations and the firm is now headed up by grandson Daniel Fairburn with the help of his two sisters Caroline and Sarah and his wife Sarah-Louise.

“The birds are part of family Fairburn. We rear our chicks with great care, their welfare is paramount as they work hard for our business just like we do,” said Daniel.

Their feed is also milled and prepared by the Fairburn family.

“Our free range hens enjoy state of the art accommodation, especially adapted to suit their needs. During daylight hours the birds roam freely out on the range,” explained Daniel.

Warm in their nest boxes, the hens eggs drop on to a conveyor where a member of staff picks them up by hand and puts them into trays. They’re then meticulously checked for weight, dirt and cracks to make sure only the best make it onto the shelves.

Daniel said: “Supplying local stores like Lincolnshire Co-op is really important to us, it’s also a family tradition as Grandad first supplied the co-op in the 1960s. It is a great pleasure to know that our very fresh free range eggs go straight from our local farm to the store for people to enjoy“.

“We are also proud to be donating one penny, per dozen eggs sold, to support the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, which is so important to the local community.”

The farms are fully accredited by the BEIC Lion Code of practice and Freedom Food.

Also new to Lincolnshire Co-op this Easter is Pocklington’s mini plum bread, made daily at the local bakery in Withern, near Louth.

The Traditional Lincolnshire plum bread is made using the same recipe created by Myra Pocklington in the early 1930s and contains at least 45 per cent fruit.