Alford couple celebrates 50 years

Malcolm and Sheila King with family at their anniversary celebrations on Saturday. Photo by John Crossland
Malcolm and Sheila King with family at their anniversary celebrations on Saturday. Photo by John Crossland

A TEENAGE romance has stood the test of time for Alford couple Malcolm and Sheila King who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

The pair first cast eyes on each other as pupils at The Markland School in Cresswell, Nottinghamshire aged 13 and have never looked back.

Around four years later, Sheila aged 17 and Malcolm 18, married at a registry office in Chesterfield and a large reception was held with their 

Family has always played a large part in their lives and the couple went on to have three daughters, Dawn, Jan and Leslie.

The family enjoyed life firstly in Redcar then Orby, Lincolnshire and later in 1989 Marjorca, Spain.

After six years, Malcolm and Sheila returned to run a B&B in Skegness. Four year later they retired to Alford.

Travelling has also been a fond hobby and past-time for the pair, who have travelled all around the world. A bout of breast cancer for Sheila in 2006, who has now beaten the condition, did not slow the pair down.

They are now looking forward to a family holiday in October to Benidorm, Spain and a late deal set for January.

Now the two are blessed with a total of 32 great-grandchildren and grandchildren and say a get together held in Sheffield saw over 200 family members attending.

During the years, Sheila has enjoyed life with the grandchildren and Malcolm is a keen and active member of Lincolnshire Troop Support in Alford. Sheila has also taken part in Race For Life events to help raise money for research into fighting cancer. breast

Sheila said the secret of love and the key to a lasting marriage, was that it wasn’t ‘easy work’ but you have to ‘stick at it’.

“It’s not easy work and there’s been arguments but you have to work through them and stick at it,” said Sheila.

“My mother used to say, you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it. I still love him to pieces and there’s been some fantastic days and some tough ones. I don’t think the era is the same these days, it’s just how we were and you have to work at it,” she added.

The couple spent the big day on Saturday with over 50 of their family members, who enjoyed a surf board ride, a huge barbecue, buffet and refreshments to celebrate.