Alford Brownies hosts coffee morning


Alford Brownies held their annual charity coffee morning in the town’s Methodist Church on Saturday morning, raising money for the St. Barnaba’s Hospice and St Andrews Children’s Hospice.

“The total amount is not final yet as some expences have to be sorted out but each charity should receive between £75 to £100 depending on the expences,” said a spokesperson.

The Brownies were working for their Hostess Badges and Mrs Nash was in the kitchen supervising them with this while Leader Mrs Drummond was manning the games stall.

The winners on the games stall were Mrs Ruth Hallgarth (guess the toy name), Dominic Wrenn (sweets in jar), and the treasure map was won by Holly McArthur.

The cake stall was busy, and was run by Mrs Wrenn. The tombola stall was run by a parent, Mrs Harness, while the door was manned by a Trefoil Member, Mrs Wilson.

Cheques will be presented at a later date in the term and the Leaders would like to thank all who supported them for these worthwhile charities.