African dancers energise appeal

Members of the Adanta troupe peforming with pupils at Beacon Primary Academy
Members of the Adanta troupe peforming with pupils at Beacon Primary Academy

The energy of African dance created a spectacle in Skegness supporting an appeal generating funds to provide electricity for a Nigerian village.

Members of the acclaimed Adanta group performed in the town to support the appeal organised by local GP Bola Taiwo.

Adanta performing at Chapel Village Hall

Adanta performing at Chapel Village Hall

Bola, who works at the Beacon Medical Practice, organised the visit by the London based group to boost his fundraising campaign.

The group of dancers and musicians performed at the medical practice and put on an impromptu show at Beacon Primary Academy before their appearance at the Embassy Theatre on Friday night.

Beacon Primary Academy principal Corinna Wright said: “When playing outside, the children heard drumming in the distance. This had to be investigated so the children went over to the far side of the playground and discovered an African music and dance group in the car park at the Beacon Medical Practice.

“I called them over and they very kindly offered to come over to our Academy and play to the children. The children were in the hall, just about to have their lunch before going swimming.”

She added: “They began to play and dance, they were incredible! The sound and the atmosphere in the hall was just brilliant. The Adanta group got the children and the staff up dancing and were just fantastic. An amazing time was had by all.”

The African Day took place to support the Light of Life appeal, which is aiming to provide power to the village of Ilewo Alaga.

On Saturday Adanta wowed the crowds in Chapel St Leonards at an event organised with Crumbs bakery owner Julie Brookes, which raised £1,300. Bola also took up the challenge of eating a 3ft long French stick at the bakery to boost the appeal.

Bola said: “The African Day ceremony was a big success and the goal of creating an African culture awareness was achieved especially at the schools and I hope to make it an annual event.”