Action plan to extend season along Skegness coast

Coun Steve Kirk with the action plan for East Lindsey. ANL-160930-180405001
Coun Steve Kirk with the action plan for East Lindsey. ANL-160930-180405001

An action plan to extend the tourism season in East Lindsey while reducing flood risk has been unveiled.

Plans for a marina “somewhere along the coast” and the re-opening of Louth Navigation as a waterway incorporating cycleways were just two of the plans that form part of the East Lindsey Economic Action Plan.

A Caravan Occupancy Period Working Group will also examine whether the occupancy for caravans along the coast can be extended. The possibility of this being achieved though an Exemplar Holiday Chalet Park, chalets raised up from the ground to protect them from flooding, is also being explored.

Coun Steve Kirk, portfolio holder for Coastal Economy Responsibilities, spoke on behalf of Team East Lindsey and said the need for an action plan for coastal locations was evident. He said: “In spite of a fantastic season, local statistics show areas of deprivation have gone up. Something is not working.”

East Lindsey has signed up to the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) Strategic Plan, which seeks out to set the right conditions for growth and development, promotes infrastructure to sustain economic growth, and ensures a successful mix of large multinational retailers and small niche shops.

The district council chose £3million Skegness Aquarium to make the announcement because it is a prime example of the authority working with the private sector to deliver top quality attractions.

Coun Kirk said: “The aim of the action plan is to deliver things that can be seen, touched and smelt. In the past the district has been impacted by high areas of flood risk and an inactive labour market stifled because we are not training the right sort of people.

“Transport is an issue - with trains running with three carriages when we need seven. We need to secure East Lindsey for future generations to make it safe from the sea. But we also have to be honest with investors that it is a flood risk area. The action plan gives a clear vision for the short-term and long-term.”

Other plans underway include:

○ Skegness Countryside Business Park – private enterprise in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, starting February next year.

○ A project to protect the coastal beaches from Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point.

○ Triton Knoll offshore wind farm, which will ensure there is enough power to drive growth.