A terrible night that will live long in the memory

1953 Floods in Mablethorpe. Photo: Supplied.
1953 Floods in Mablethorpe. Photo: Supplied.

One night was all it took for chaotic winds and roaring seas to smash down sea defences and cause destruction and devastation to everything in its path.

Now 60 years later, the emotions and memories that came from the night of the 1953 East Coast floods that affected the local area - as well as other villages and towns in UK and Dutch waters - are still as vivid today as they were back then.

If not for the dramatic photographs and first hand accounts, the floods would seem like a distant memory.

But because the coast commenorates the memories from that frightening night, today’s generation can remember the dozens of local men, women and children who sadly lost their lives and bear in mind how yesterday’s history can still live inside us today, a reminder to never forget what has been and what might yet come.

This disastrous storm surge was one of the worst floods on record to hit the UK and northern Europe coastlines and took everyone to be on hand to help those people from the coast who were in need.

But the waters eventually receeded and everyone rallied together to begin the rebuilding process.

Thursday, January 31, marks the official 60th anniversary of the 1953 floods and it’s not only a time to remember those who lost their lives, but a time to to think about flooding that may occur in the future and how local residents can prepare themselves for coastal flooding so a flood surge of this magnitude will hopefully never happen again.