30-pitch caravan park at Gunby Inn approved by East Lindsey District councillors

A new chapter is set to open for The Gunby Inn - a familiar landmark on the road between Spilsby and Skegness - after councillor approved plans for a caravan park on land behind the site.

At an East Lindsey planning meeting last week, councillors approved a controversial application for the land behind it to be used for a 30-pitch static caravan park.

The project will also involve the installation of an internal “track” which will be illuminated by a 23-bollard lighting scheme.

In a presentation to the committee, ward representative Coun Angela Smith opposed the project, claiming that it would “industrialise and urbanise” an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The committee heard that the National Trust had also objected to a development which they felt would have an adverse impact on the nearby stately home, Gunby Hall, and its estate.

But Coun Sid Dennis said Gunby Hall was well screened by trees and the committee should support a venture which would boost tourism and create jobs.

“The trouble with the National Trust is that you just have to cut a blade of grass and they object,” he said.

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders complained that the proposed layout of the statics was “too regimented” and called for the introduction of ornamental geese to the existing lake.

In response, Coun Robert Palmer, a retired Army captain, joked that he liked regimentation, adding that he approved the idea of importing waterfowl. “They would be something to shoot,” he quipped.

Coun Dick Edginton and Coun Terry Knowles also spoke in support - as did Coun Steve O’Dare who said the application site, near Gunby roundabout, scarcely represented “virginal” countryside.

“It’s adjacent to an extremely busy dual carriageway,” he observed.

Site owner Stuart Hall has since congratulated the committee on their decision.

He said: “I think they’ve got it absolutely spot on - pubs need all the help they can get at the moment and this is something that will bring jobs to the area.

The successful applicants are Mr P. Champion and Mr W. Marshall who were formerly mine hosts at The Chequers Inn, a Batemans hostelry in Croft.