2012 - one of the wettest

Relentless rainfall made 2012 one of Skegness’s wettest years on record, with the town’s local weatherman recording almost twice the total for the previous 12 months.

Met observer for Skegness, Brian Porter, said his figures for the year showed an ‘exceptionally’ high level of rainfall - one of the highest he has seen in 25 years of experience.

A total of 786mm fell during 2012, which was almost 50 per cent more than the 530mm average recorded over the previous four years.

Only 140 days remained completely dry throughout the year and there was not one week in which the town managed to avoid rain entirely.

December was a particularly wet month with 105mm recorded, compared with an average of around 50mm during previous years.

Despite the drenching, Brian maintains that Skegness is still on the ‘drier side of Britain’ as official figures for certain areas of the country reached an incredible 1,300mm in the second wettest year since records began in 1910.