Try ‘devilishly delicious’ Halloween snack treats

Monster Muffins. PA Photo/Handout.
Monster Muffins. PA Photo/Handout.

If you’re throwing a Halloween bash this year, make it devilishly delicious with some spooky treats from Annabel Karmel. The best-selling children’s author also shares some tips on how to make fright night go with a swing.

If you have a large pumpkin, hollow it out and put a glass or plastic bowl inside and use it as a children’s punch bowl.

Don’t forget to buy treats to hand out to children who visit your house trick-or-treating. As well as bite-sized chocolates and sweets, stock up on non-edible treats such as stickers or bouncy balls.

A nice idea for party decorations is to hollow out oranges and cut out little faces in the side so they look like mini-pumpkins.

Remember to have a few tricks ready when you go out trick-or-treating.

You could encourage children to make up spooky jokes or take a small black plastic bag filled with cooked spaghetti to feel like worms.

Play witches’ cauldron, a game that will send shivers down children’s spines. Fill a bowl with items that represent different body parts: peeled grapes for eyeballs, linked sausages for intestines, cauliflower for brains, a balloon filled with water for a heart, liquorice laces for veins or jelly for liver.

Get the children to sit blindfolded in a circle and take it in turns to pull out an item and guess what it is.

Try making some monster muffins.

Make some muffins, put green icing on top using food colouring, then make small balls of white fondant icing and flatten them to make the whites of the eyes.

Make smaller balls of black fondant icing and flatten them to make the pupils of the eyes. Roll out some black icing and use to make eyebrows!