Top comic back with new show

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TOP comic Joe Pasquale is set to return to Skegness next week with his new show - “The End of The World Tour: Armageddon!”

He will take to the stage of the Embassy Theatre on Monday, August 27 at 7.30pm.

“According to ancient Mayan civilisation, the world could end on December 21 2012 - if that’s true, this could be your last chance to see Joe Pasquale do his stuff,” said a spokesperson.

“Personally I think the Mayans know what they are talking about, as I lost my car keys and they said that they were behind the fridge underneath my mirkin that I lost seven years ago, and guess what? That’s where they were.

“Don’t miss this chance, it might be your last... but I doubt it,” they added.

Tickets cost £17.50 for adults, £16.50 for over 60s and £11 for children.