Snow chaos memories at U3A

THE day 42 people were left stranded on a bus overnight at Hagworthingham in heavy snow was one of the memories recounted at a recent Skegness U3A event.

Group member Eileen Chantry stepped into the breach at the latest meeting after the scheduled guest speaker failed to attend.

Stepping into the role of speaker she recounted her childhood memories of the 1940s and 50s.

Speaking of the 50s she described the heavy snow of January 1956, which caused disruption everywhere. and how she and her mother were amongst 42 pasengers stranded overnight at Hagworthingham on a Trent bus coming from Nottingham.

Also that year Hungarian refugees came to Skegness and many of the children attended local schools.

Later that year the film Rock Around the Clock had an impact on the town with teenagers jiving in the aisles at the Parade cinema and later they spilled out onto the streets to jive around the Clock Tower.

She also spoke about shops on Lumley Road like Panton’s buthers and Blaze cake shop.