Skegness to host a music festival?

A music festival could be coming to Skegness to give something back to the town’s residents while offering local bands a chance to showcase their talents.

Skegness Town Council heard a presentation from festival organiser Jez Lee, at their latest meeting on Wednesday, with the view to arranging an event in the town next year.

Mr Lee’s Fake Festivals company tours around the country with a line-up of tribute bands supported by local acts performing in a marquee.

He said: “This could be great for the kids, great for the family and great to do something in Skegness for Skegness people.”

Coun Phil Kemp invited Mr Lee to the meeting, believing the idea could be a great way of giving something back to the town’s residents after seeing demand for the event on a Skegness social networking site.

He said:” This would be an excellent opportunity for the town council to show that it’s in touch with the residents of Skegness, because this is something they would clearly love to see. I’m positive that we could sell these tickets to Skegness people so that they actually benefit from something in the town rather than something that’s put on for our visitors.”

If councillors approve the idea, the council would license the festival from Mr Lee’s company, taking responsibilty for promoting the event and paying an up-front fee of £13,250, which it would then hope to recoup from ticket sales.

With ticket prices ranging from £7.50 to £22 depending on age and the time of purchase, it is estimated that the festival would break even at 627 sales and could then go on to make a profit if more attended.

Pier Fields on the foreshore was identified as the preferred location for the festival by Mr Lee, which Coun Kemp felt tied in favourably with the council’s agenda to bring the site into better community use.

Councillors will decide on whether to fund the event’s initial costs at a future meeting due to budget considerations.