Skegness set to swing

THE sounds of the classic swing bands of the Second World War will echo through a Skegness theatre this weekend.

The New Squadronaires Orchestra will perform at the Embassy Theatre on Saturday (February 25) at 2pm.

“Do you remember the original ‘Squadronaires’ from the 1940s?” said a spokesperson. “Officially known as the number one RAF dance band, the musicians soon adopted the unofficial name ‘The Squadronaires’ and went on to win the prestigious ‘Melody Maker’ award for five consecutive years.

“We now introduce you to the New Squadronaires Orchestra. Based on the original wartime orchestra, the band consists of young musicians as they looked then - no long hair, beards or earrings - playing the swing music of the era as it was played then.

“All the musicians are dressed in RAF uniform and the visual appearance of this fabulous orchestra is enhanced with the backdrop of a 16’ x 8’ RAF ensign, together with RAF style band desks.

“Playing the music of the great swing bands including Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and others, the program of music includes some of the original Squadronaires music arrangements, which have been transcribed by orchestrator Greg Francis, and which have not been played since 1964.

“Ronnie Aldrich put all of the original music parts on a bonfire at the beginning of the pop group era, and after the taste in popular music changed to that of The Beatles and other similar beat groups.

“A popular feature of any Squadronaires Orchestra dance was the ‘Squadcats’ and the orchestra features its own version of the small group playing the ‘Dixieland’ music so popular with the fans,” they added.

Tickets for the New Squadronaires Orchestra cost £19.50 for adults, £17.50 for over 60s and £11 for children.

For more information, or to buy tickets, call the Embassy Theatre on 0845 674 0505, visit or pop into the box office in person during normal opening hours.