Skegness railway stations’s new Jolly Fisherman statue to be in place by autumn

The Jolly Fisherman statue at Skegness railway station will be replaced this autumn.
The Jolly Fisherman statue at Skegness railway station will be replaced this autumn.

A popular mascot which has welcomed visitors into the town for many years is set to receive the face lift he desperately deserves.

The dilapidated Jolly Fisherman statue at Skegness Railway Station has been in need of urgent repairs for some time - but how to do it has been a bone of contention for a number of months.

Councillors at last week’s Skegness Town Council meeting, welcomed a letter from Lincolnshire County Council, outlining the work proposed and design material.

And Coun Steve Kirk was so delighted with the news, he shouted “Yee hah!”

Last year, town councillors voted to keep the traditional railway station statue in its current design after the county council’s previous suggestions were rejected for looking like a ‘gargoyle’.

At the time Coun Kirk had accused the council of going ‘around in circles’ over the issue, after taking so long to agree a way forward.

But now the current statue, which has been in place since 1989 and is deemed too fragile to repair, will be reproduced by its original artist Sioban Coppinger.

A cast will be made in resin which is hard-wearing and the finer detail of the weathered fisherman’s face will be made during the final stages.

It will take her four months to complete and be in place by autumn.

The suitcase could be reused but the spade and bucket may be made from resin and sprayed with bronze dust.

Lincolnshire County Council’s executive member for economic development Coun Colin Davie, speaking after the meeting, said: “I’m delighted that Jolly will be recast and returned to his rightful place.

“He’s an important part of our town’s history and identity and he’ll be there to meet the next generation of visitors arriving at Skegness Railway Station.”

Although the county council stated in February it would also be commencing work on the boarded up wave sculptures outside the station ‘within a month or so’ nothing has yet progresses, nor was any indication given at the meeting about when it would.