Skegness mum selected for national Pukka Pie taste challenge

Punnka prize for Skegness mother Sarah.
Punnka prize for Skegness mother Sarah.

A mum from Skegness has won a place on a national panel to take part in a Pukka Pie taste challenge.

Sarah Pearce, 37, has become one of just 100 proud ‘Pukka Supper Pie-oneers’ from across the UK to be selected for the exclusive taste test hosted by the UK’s number one pie brand.

The challenge follows a survey commissioned by Pukka Pies that revealed that 60 percent of Brits are not eating a traditional meat and two veg evening meal anymore and instead are swapping proper dinners for quick-fix snacks such as crisps, sandwiches, cereals and instant soup.

The 100 lucky participants have been provided with a month’s supply of vouchers for the company’s delicious and filling pies, which are the ultimate in quality, reliability and convenience, to see how they enjoy their dinner times so much more with Pukka.

They have been asked to share their favourite dishes to inspire people to create their own good honest dinnertime ‘pie-fection’ via the Pukka Pies Facebook page;

Sarah said: “When I saw this opportunity, I thought it would be great to enter and I’m delighted to be chosen to take part! Like most mums, mealtimes are one of the most challenging parts of the day, especially if I’ve worked late or have somewhere to be in the evening, so I’m keen to take the stress out of supper, inject some inspiration into dinnertimes and enjoy hearty, warm meals.”

Rob Dixon, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies, said: “We can all relate to the feeling of being too exhausted to cook when we get in after a long day, and try as we might, we can’t bear the thought of peeling, chopping and cooking the traditional meat, vegetables and gravy from scratch.

“We decided to launch a Pukka Supper Pie-oneer Taste Challenge to encourage busy workers, parents and young professionals to ditch the desire for quick-fix snacks such as toast or sandwiches and instead enjoy a quick-to-prepare, warm and comforting meal that will satisfy.

“We’d like to congratulate Sarah for winning one of the coveted places. We’re confident she will love our tasty pies, made with over 140 layers of flaky pastry, and so look forward to hearing about how they create great evening dinners.”

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