Russian Cossacks

The Russian State Dance Ensemble of Astrakhan will dazzle a Skegness audience with their intense performance next week - featuring traditional costumes, 40 world-class entertainers and 1,000 litres of vodka.

Experience entertainment like you have never before as the talented dancers take to the Embassy Theatre on Thursday, April 11 at 7.30pm.

“With original choreographies, this company of artists from the ballet, orchestral and choir genres have previously performed in Russia, Greece, Germany and other countries and visit the UK for the first time,” said a spokesperson.

“The Cossacks’ fiery dances and songs are as true and honest as the souls of their country folk, exuding yearning, bravery, hope, love and passion.

“Prepare yourself for a journey through Russian Folklore with dance and music to transport you to the fields of Russia. Come and witness the glowing vitality and immense warmth of the Russian Cossacks in a truly unique show,” they added.

Tickets are £19.50 for adults, £18 for over 60s and £15 for children. Call 0845 674 0505 for more information.