Rock classics

The cast of the fantastic ‘Fabulous 50s and Swinging 60s’ are set to bring their new show to Skegness this Friday.

They will invite an audience in the Embassy Theatre to ‘Rock, Roll and Remember’ during the show at 7.30pm.

The show stars Leah Bell, with a full supporting cast.

“If you are somewhere between 45 and 60, this show will be full of musical memories of Johnny Ray, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Platters, Buddy Holly and Connie Francis,” said a spokesperson. “If you are somewhere between 35 and 40 then the Swinging 60s will have played a major part in your life.

“If you are under 30, you will be caught up in the present revival of these two great musical eras

“This show is performed at break-neck speed,” they added.

Tickets are £17.50 for adults, £16.50 for over 60s, and £10 for children. Call 0845 674 0505 for details.