RECENT NOSTALGIA: Launch of ‘Citizenship Month’

Spilsby Primary School 10 years ago.
Spilsby Primary School 10 years ago.

A citizenship month was launched in Spilsby 10 years ago to promote good manners and behaviour.

The Actively Promoting Spilsby’s Environment (APSE) group launched the initiative off the back of the success of its many courtesy projects in the town.

APSE had spent £750 on buying sets of books for local primary schools and nurseries which taught youngsters important messages about health, the environment and good manners.

Pictured with children at Spilsby Primary School – the first school to receive a set of the new books – are Coun Michael Lenton, left, and Robert Willis, of APSE.

The campaign reached as far as Skegness, Coningsby, Mablethorpe and Billinghay.

The month also included educational visits to primary schools from ‘Granny’ who taught children about health, nutrition and courtesy through story-telling.