RECENT NOSTALGIA: Beavers’ help raise funds for parrots

Friskney 1st Beavers 10 years ago.
Friskney 1st Beavers 10 years ago.

Armed with buckets of water and sponges, Friskney 1st Beavers turned out in force for a charity car wash at the village hall – raising £113.55 – 10 years ago.

Out of this, £40 would go to the National Parrot Sanctuary at Friskney – almost covering the cost of one day’s worth of seed for the parrots – with the remainder of the cash going towards Beaver funds.

Beaver helper Samantha Playfield was delighted.

She said: “We raised far more than we expected.”

Samantha thanked Sadie and Tom Coldwell who turned up to have their car washed and stayed to help the Beavers wash the other cars.