Playgoers gave us ‘convincing’ show

Skegness Playgoers presented an evening of one act plays at St Clements Church community hall last Saturday.

The Allotment by Gillian Plowman and directed by Sharon Harris and Sue Sharman centred around a group of women on community service orders working on an allotment.

There is Marcie, played by Sue Sharman, who constantly talks about her husband.

Norah (Marjorie Payne) is obsessed with her daughter and grandchildren.

Lorna (Linda Adams) is an actress who floats about quoting Shakespeare.

And the feisty Belle (Dawn James) regales the others with details of her affair with her boss.

Onto the scene comes Probation officer Daisy (Donna Hardiman) who believes that confession is good for the soul.

Gradually we learn that the four offenders have been living in a fantasy world and that things are not what they seem.

As their past slowly comes to light so does Daisy’s and suddenly her no nonsense brisk persona crumbles as she too has to face her past.

All the cast gave convincing performances and captured the humour and poignancy of their situations.

The allotment setting was equally convincing.

Bookends by Scott Perry and directed by Marjorie Payne was a two-hander featuring Tony Crowther as Ron and Graham Payne as Bill who look back on their lives and contemplate the problems of ageing.

There were some witty one-liners in this perceptive and thought provoking play and the timing of both performers was spot on.

- Review by Eileen Chantry.