Paul Zerdin’s Puppet Master tour comes to Skegness

Paul Zerdin will return to Skegness with shows on August 2 and August 30.
Paul Zerdin will return to Skegness with shows on August 2 and August 30.

YOU could be the unwitting star of the show when talented ventriloquist Paul Zerdin brings his Puppet Master tour to Skegness next week.

The renowned stage and TV star will be returning to the Embassy Theatre on August 2 and 30, with a brand new show featuring his mischievous puppet characters and an added element of audience participation.

Speaking to the Standard, Paul said: “This time it’s a brand new stand up comedy show featuring all my Sponge friends with lots of new material, featuring human puppets on stage.

“We get people from the audience up on stage and put words in their mouth, which makes every show completely different because you never know how people will react.

“It’s a bit like a hypnotism show but less tacky and it’s a nice contrast from the rest of the show where the puppets are leading me.

“It’s about doing ventriloquism in a different way - I think people have got bored with the same old things and it had fallen out of fashion, so I’m trying to reinvent it and do stuff that people have not done before.

“It’s an old fashioned art, but it’s got to be fun at the end of the day.”

Paul’s much loved Sponge characters, Albert the old man, Sam the prepubescent youngster and Baby, have earned Paul prestigious appearances on prime time TV shows including The Royal Variety Performance and the Big Big Talent Show, of which he was the first ever winner.

In this latest outing, the cheeky characters do their best to distract their puppeteer with awkward questions, mischievous behaviour and even accusations of insanity.

A new segment in which audience members are invited to ask Albert questions, has also produced some hilarious material, which helps make each show unique and interesting.

Paul said: “Albert has led quite an interesting life so I thought it would be fun to have the audience ask some questions about his life.

“One of the first questions we had was ‘can you give me advice on a prostate examination and how do you cope with the pain?’

“When I heard that, I though, this whole show is going to be written by the audience!

“I know there will be more questions on the way, which could pose difficulties because I might not have something funny to say, but I think if people are making the effort to come and see a live performer, they should be able to take part as much as possible.

“Ventriloquism is all about taking people down a road they’ve not been down before and keeping things fresh and funny.”

Paul Zerdin Puppet Master is showing at the Embassy Theatre Skegness on Thursday, August 2 and Thursday, August 30.

Tickets costing £16, £15 for OAPs and £11 for children are available from the Box Office on 0845 6740505.