Maritime exhibition set for gallery

Artwork by Michael Roffe
Artwork by Michael Roffe

The next artist to exhibit within a pop-up gallery will be displaying work on a maritime subject matter.

Local artist Michael Roffe will be the next artist to take up residence in the popular Hildreds H-Art Gallery with his solo exhibition, ‘Ships and the Sea’.

Michael, who is chairman of the Guild of Fine Artists, will be giving shoppers and visitors an opportunity to view and purchase his work from Thursday to Tuesday.

Michael is a marine artist, who works with oils and watercolours using traditional techniques and materials to reflect shipping from 1860 to the present day.

On Saturday, Michael and a number of artists who have previously exhibited at the centre’s H-Art Gallery, will present a cheque to the crew of the Skegness Lifeboat, after the funds were raised from sales of their work.

The Hildreds’ Steve Andrews said: “We’re really pleased to welcome Michael and it’s great to hear that he will be making a donation to the lifeboat crew. His work is really interesting and he will be on hand to speak to visitors about his various paintings.”